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Monday, March 19, 2012

Amazing weather!

Okay so this amazing weather made my weekend awesome! My cousins came over, we grilled, and played football. It feels like summer already the grass is getting greener and everything doesn't look all dead. I have a big project in this class i'm not to excited about, but I guess i'll get over it. There's only 7 to 8 weeks left in the school year and I can't wait till it ends. This has been the longest year ever! Anatomy is kicking my butt big time. I've never been one to study a whole lot, but in anatomy that's all we ever do. I was going to go fishing this weekend, but I remembered they made these stupid things called fishing license so I didn't get to go. I will be going to Tennessee this weekend which will be tons of fun. I get to drive there by myself and hopefully I don't get lost or something crazy like that.

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