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Thursday, April 26, 2012

My Week :)

This week has not been so bad. The weather has been nice, and I took  my acts. I'm so glad those tests are over and done with. Although the test we're boring and hard at times it paid off big time when we got out of school  at 11:30 and 10:30 for the rest of the day. These last few weeks of school are dragging so bad, and i'm really tired of school. Anatomy is kicking my back side and this project in comp will too. It's not the fact of me writing it, it's the fact that idk what I want to do in college and I can't write the paper as easyily as normal. Hopefully this week will go by fast and it'ss be the last day before i know it... i hope.

Monday, April 16, 2012

My weekend.....

This weekend was the worst. It rained the entire time my mom was in a horrible mood and so was my cousin's mom. I got in trouble a number of times because of stupid misunderstandings. My mom didn't hear what I asked her and she said yes anyway. When I returned home, two hours later, I was grounded because I didn't tell her where I was going, which I think is a little overated considering i'm like a super good kid and all. I never do anything wrong unless you consider not studying for an anatomy test, or something like that wrong. In that case i'm a horrible child. The only good thing that happened this weekend was when my boyfriend, and other friends of ours found a huge snapping turtle in the middle of the road. We all took it off and placed it safely on the bank. The turtle was obviously stupid because he got in the water and starteed swimming against the current which is beside the point, you just can't fix stupid. Five minutes later we came up on another turtle that was in the road. We now call ourselves the turtle rescue ha! Well my cousin and I do anyway. This last month of school is going to drag so much. I'm so ready for this school year to be over so I can relax and do nothing for atleast a week, and maybe save more turtles. :)

Friday, March 30, 2012

Spring Break!

So this spring break I will be going to Tennessee to pick up my aunt. Then I will be going to Orlando, Florida to Disney World. I canot begin to explain how excited I am. I haven't been in about 2 years and I know they have things like new rides that weren't done when we went last time. I look foward to being able to fell like i'm 5 again with all the characters and music. We do this thing called pin trading where u buy a necklace and tons of pins and u can trade with any worker or person in the park they even have pin stations. I love going because it's so fun and relaxing, and you don't have to think about school for a whole weekl. I'll also be going to the beach. That I really look foward to. This spring break should be a blast! I can't wait to get there!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Amazing weather!

Okay so this amazing weather made my weekend awesome! My cousins came over, we grilled, and played football. It feels like summer already the grass is getting greener and everything doesn't look all dead. I have a big project in this class i'm not to excited about, but I guess i'll get over it. There's only 7 to 8 weeks left in the school year and I can't wait till it ends. This has been the longest year ever! Anatomy is kicking my butt big time. I've never been one to study a whole lot, but in anatomy that's all we ever do. I was going to go fishing this weekend, but I remembered they made these stupid things called fishing license so I didn't get to go. I will be going to Tennessee this weekend which will be tons of fun. I get to drive there by myself and hopefully I don't get lost or something crazy like that.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

March 15, 2012

To start off this weather we've been having this week has been amazing! Spring has sprung for sure. I wish it would stay like this all the time. It's warm enough at night so you don't freeze but it's perfect during the day to so you don't get to hot. Not having to wear a jacket is nice too. I will be going to Tennessee next week. We have a half day at school on friday so we're leaving then I guess. I'm so excited they're having great weather too, and on top of that I get to see my family and friends! I think we might go fishing or something like that. I cannot believe summer is almost here! We only have like 8 weeks left, and 2 weeks until spring break. I will be going to orlando that means Disney World and the beach! Needless to say life is pretty awesome right now.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Talkins mac Say it three times fast you'll get it.

Okay so to start things off last weekend was amazing!! Our band finally came up with a name we agree on. Talkins Mac is the only name we can all agree on, so for now that's what we'll be called. This weekend we got to open up for a band called Switchback at the legion here in town. It was the best weekend I have had in a long... time. My cousin did great with the singing and the music was right on key. After we played we got to dance and just have a good time. Hopefully we will get more songs together and play more shows. We were told someone in the crowd was there to watch switchback, but they also saw us so now we will be playing at the fair this summer! I'm so glad I have finally found people to play music with and make new friends at the same time. I've been given the best people to work with who know their stuff and are always there if you need them needless to say this weekend will have some really high standards because last weekend was pretty sweet.

Monday, February 27, 2012

This weekend was awesome. I got to play with the band. We were in at a talent show, and we did great. We only had two weeks to practice, which is only 1 day a week, but we still pulled it together. There were a few other singers in the show, but I think we did well. This upcoming weekend we are playing another show with a band members dad and it should be really fun. I can't wait to get more songs together and play more shows! My neck is doing better. I had to have an MRI. It has to be the scariest test i've ever had at the doctor's office. It came back fine so now I will have to go to the chiropratcor to get the kink out of my neck that is causing all these headaches and cramps. Needless to say this week has not started off too bad. And hopefully I will stop forgetting to post these things. For some reason it just slips my mind so i'm doing it early this week :D